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Fire drill of the Production Department of PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

Unite and forge ahead with determination! -- 2023 PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd. Spring Festival Mobilization Meeting.

PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd. organized the study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

New Materials, New Intelligent Manufacturing - PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd. participates in the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention.

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PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

  PolyCore Advanced Material Co., Ltd., established on January 29, 2019 and located at the foot of the beautiful Mount Huangshan, is a leader in global high-end  foam core materials. With environmentally friendly, recyclable and lightweight, our products belong to the category of new technology and new products that are encouraged and supported by the national industrial policy. And as high strength structural core materials, our products have been widely used in wind turbine blade, rail transit, yachts, automobiles, construction, packaging and other fields.

  Our company adopts the international advanced Integrated technology of PET foam extrusion with dry-freeing and online chain extension, which makes the products have more excellent mechanical properties and comprehensive cost advantages. Additionally strict quality control system and production management process ensure the quality of products. Integrating technology, equipment and material, the innovative R&D team provides strong impetus for product performance improvement and serialized specification development. And the quality, performance and technology of our company's products are at the international leading level.

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